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Helicopter gun ships in the night...The secrecy of a heavily guarded South American drug lab...A fierce drama played out on the storm-tossed Pacific Ocean—where the fate of the world economy is in the hands of a few brave American sailors...

Jorge Cordoba has schemed and murdered his way to the top of a criminal enterprise that stands on the brink of becoming an international power. A brilliant Harvard-trained economist, Cordoba has masterminded a plot to turn Godfather Don Gallardo's Colombian drug cartel into an organization that will bring down the industrialized nations of the world. La Estrella Latina, the freighter delivering the goods that will secure Cordoba's—and the cartel's—future, is en route to its secret destination. To ensure absolute success, a special security guard has been placed aboard. He is called El Callado, The Silent One…a killer unlike any other.

But La Estrella Latina never reaches port. And when the freighter is sighted floating listlessly in the steel-gray seas, another man enters the equation. He is Navy lieutenant Daniel Blake, and he could jeopardize Cordoba's entire operation.

A former merchant marine officer, Blake wants only one thing from the U.S. Navy: his own command. Instead, he finds himself trapped in the engine room of an obsolete destroyer on patrol off the coast of Peru. Now he's just been ordered to lead a boarding party onto an abandoned freighter. Struggling against a gale-force storm that cuts off communication with his own ship, Blake and the seven men and one woman under his command scramble over the rusty sides of La Estrella Latina.

In the hull of the freighter are thirty tons of cocaine, three hundred and fifty million dollars in cash—and a half-dozen corpses with their tongues cut out.

With a typhoon rapidly approaching, and Cordoba's own strike force racing to the scene, Blake and his team are plunged into a battle of terror against not one, but two treacherous enemies: Cordoba; and a savage murderer who is still aboard.

In POINT OF HONOR, Maurice Medland has written a classic adventure story in the bestselling tradition of Clive Cussler—and an international thriller on par with the best works of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. At the heart of this electrifying novel are two very different men, separated by their morality and strict code of honor—bound together in a deadly game of power and survival that each must fight to the very end.